File Operations and Compliance Automation


The Aquera File Operations and Compliance Workflow solution addresses the following issues that organizations face when manually handling file extracts with their identity governance certifications:

  • operational burden on identity team
  • error prone processes
  • manual app owner notifications and follow-ups
  • prevalent compliance deficiencies
  • additional staffing requirements
  • non-repeatable chaotic operations
  • no path to automated provisioning
  • costly to scale
  • central identity team becoming a bottleneck

The solution addresses these challenges, setting up an easy transition to connectors from normalized file extracts when your organization is ready. We recommend beginning with file extracts to speed application onboarding but executed in a manner that offloads the operational burden on the central identity team, empowers application owners, produces files in a format that allows for easy transition to connectors, and eases file compliance audits.

The Aquera solution automates and facilitates file operations and compliance processes with the following features:

  • app owners empowered
  • app owner reminders and escalations
  • upfront error detection and remediation
  • compliance artifacts pre-generated
  • fast file uploads with delta recognition
  • audit readiness
  • cost efficient
  • built-in path to automated provisioning

The Aquera solution begins with files, and ends with full automation delivering the following benefits:

  • quick wins with file aggregations and certifications
  • app owner buy-in is incremental and coordinated
  • central identity team is offloaded
  • connector requirements are gathered incrementally over time
  • IGA platform configuration is unchanged when transitioning from files extracts to connectors
  • delta aggregation of file extracts delivers fast load times
  • connector factory foundation is in place
  • incremental and linear scaling without additional personnel required