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Accelo Connector

The Accelo Connector provides the integration to any identity management platform required to create, update, de-activate and delete users and their accounts in Accelo Connector. This connector supports the full range of use cases for identity management integration. The connector supports Single Sign-On, Identity Governance and Identity Lifecycle Management use cases which gives you the flexibility to deploy the solution most important to you first and with the same connector add others when you are ready. The supported use cases are:
Single Sign On
  • SSO Dashboard synch with manually created accounts
  • Sync of randomly generated passwords from IAM when SWA (secure web authorization) is used
  • Password reset sync when SWA is used or when thick clients are involved
Identity Governance
  • Aggregating governance data for compliance analysis including rogue account detection
  • User activity monitoring
Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Provisioning (creating) new user accounts
  • Updating user account information
  • Deactivation or deletion of users including account cleanup
The connector operates in the Aquera SCIM Provisioning Gateway, which is a SOC 2 Type II audited service running in Amazon Web Services.

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